Branding Process | Phase 5

Managing and Extending

Your brand should now be ready to present to the world. After you built your identity and touchpoints you should be able to create your brand guidelines. This document becomes the go-to source to discover the overview of all the previous phases. It should be able to answer all questions as to what the brand is and what it can become. A common mistake is that the brand guidelines are created too early or they focus solely on the visual identity.

Build Cohesion and Synergy Around the Brand System

Striving for cohesion and synergy are important to the success of your brand. Do you know the 4 basic steps to achieving this goal?

Phase 5 | Part 1

Develop Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines keep your brand focused and on the right track, while offering flexibility. What should you include in your brand guidelines?

Phase 5 | Part 2

Develop Launch Plan

You have worked hard to develop your brand, now you’re getting ready to reveal your brand. However, before you launch you need a plan.

Phase 5 | Part 3

Launch Internally

Your launch plan is in place, ready to go, where do you start? The overlooked internal Launch. Do you know how important launching internally is?

Phase 5 | Part 4

Launch Externally

Your brand is ready for the world, and the world is waiting for your brand. As you launch do you know the basics of launching externally?

Phase 5 | Part 5

Nurture Brand Advocates or Ambassadors

Your brand has launched who can you turn to, to help get your brands message out? Have you thought about your Brand Ambassadors and Brand Advocates?

Phase 5 | Part 6

Make Your Brand Better

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