Creating Your Brand

The Branding Process

People—the heart and soul of every brand throughout the world. Every day these people are working hard. They’re working to expand their passion, they’re putting their heart and soul into expanding their brand.

Discover how to take your passion and turn it into an effective brand. The world is waiting for what your brand has to offer.  Discover how to Make Your Brand Better.

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What is holding your brand back?

Branding is vital and important to you and your product. With so much at stake when it comes to your brand, it can seem daunting and even difficult to know where to start. Take control of your brand’s power!


All companies do, no matter their size or annual sales. These mistakes can be costly and damaging to the effectiveness and life of your brand. Do you know the top branding mistakes? If you did, you could better avoid them.

17 Mistakes that Can Harm Your Brand guides you through these all-too-common mistakes and helps you ensure your brand has the power you expect.

MAke Your BRand Better

Wordless Brandmark

When a brand reaches 80% recognition are they at the point they can drop their name from their logo? One brand thinks so.

Adobe Acrobat

Consistency is Important, but how do you ensure consistency on electronic files you send out?


When customers interact with your brand they tend to have an expectation as to what they will get. When your brand offers something to its customers you need to make sure that your systems are in place to handle what you’re offering.

Don’t Fear the Unknown

When we were young we could do anything because we weren’t afraid. But now as we’ve gotten older and “wiser” we’ve allowed fear of the unknown, to stop us before we even begin.

5 Things for The New Year

At the end of each year we try to determine changes for the upcoming year. Here are 5 areas that you can focus on to see an improvement in the upcoming year.

Meeting Brand Experience Expectations

What can we take away from Payless and their Palessi experiment? Matching your brand to your customers expectations can result in them paying more money for a product they would usually pay a reduced amount for.

Make Your Brand Better

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