The Branding Process | Phase 2

Clarifying and Articulation

This is where you clarify your brand offering. You are also able to begin to articulate the important parts of your brand such as brand strategy, your positioning, and brand attributes. This phase expands upon the work you completed in Phase 1 (Research and Discovery), helping you focus on your target market. A common mistake in this phase is that many overlook creating a brand brief and creative brief, both of which are required in order to correctly move to the next phase. 

Synthesize Learnings

The second branding Phase begins with synthesizing your learnings and data from the research and discovery phase, but what does that mean?

Phase 2 | Part 1

Clarify Brand Strategy

Strategy is important whenever you are going against anyone else. Your brand is going against other brands does it have a strategy in place?

Phase 2 | Part 2

Establish Brand Platform

Your brand platform is a combination of different elements, but what are these elements?

Phase 2 | Part 3

Develop Key Messaging

Key messaging helps to educate not only customers but also your team on your brand. What is key messaging though?

Phase 2 | Part 4

Naming Strategy, Brand Brief, Creative Brief, Brand Attributes

Are you ready to name your brand, how about providing a brand brief or creative brief? Does your brand meet the standard brand attributes?

Phase 2 | Part 5

Achieve Stakeholder Consensus

The last part of the clarifying and articulation phase requires gaining consensus. But what does consensus mean, and for what?

Phase 2 | Part 6

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