Branding Process | Phase 4

Touchpoints & Interaction

Here you start creating touchpoints and interaction elements. Now is when you finalize your brand identity and start to build up the areas related to the communication avenues the brand will utilize. From websites and collateral to product design and packaging, all areas are established to help effectively communicate the brand to customers. A common mistake is focusing solely on developing the website and overlooking other crucial communication materials.

Finalize Identity Design

Now that your visual identity presentation is done, you’re ready to finalize your identity.

Phase 4 | Part 1

Develop Look and Feel

With Visual Identity designed how does it carry over to other areas impacting your look and feel?

Phase 4 | Part 2

Initiate Trademark Registration

It is important to protect your brand; Trademark registration provides the protection you need. Do you know the trademark process?

Phase 4 | Part 3

Prioritize and Design Applications

Having Created your visual identity, it is important to identify the applications that impact your brand and prioritize their impact to your brand.

Phase 4 | Part 4

Develop Brand System

Do you know, your brand system impacts the success of your brand? If not properly understood and thought out it can damage your brand.

Phase 4 | Part 5

Apply Brand Architecture

Your brand architecture has been decided on, now you need to apply it everywhere the affects your brand.

Phase 4 | Part 6

Make Your Brand Better

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