The Branding Process

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Every day, people all over the world (just like you!) struggle to develop their brand. Sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies are all trying to figure out the core process they need to follow as they are creating their brand. To help set you on the right path we have documented the branding process, dividing it into distinct phases and parts. The process is the same regardless of the size of your organization.

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Phase 1

Research & Discovery

Researching allows you to gather information on the vision, goals, and values related to your brand

Phase 2

Clarifying & Articulation

By clarifying your brand you’re able to articulate important brand attributes like brand strategy & brand positioning

Phase 3

Identity & Visualization

Building upon the results of Phase 1 & Phase 2, you’re able to begin working on the visual aspects of your brand

Phase 4

Touchpoints & Interaction

With your brand identity taking shape, now you can focus on the touchpoints vital to establishing your brand

Phase 5

Managing & Extending

With most of the hard work behind you, you’re ready to launch your brand and look toward a successful future

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