Your Brands History

by | Oct 8, 2018

Your Brands History

We work hard to build our brands. Everyday the work we put in, is an effort to build and establish something that impacts the world. Your brands story continues to grow day by day. However, one of these days you won’t be here to help it anymore, will your brand continue? The story of our brands is great, but what is your brands legacy to the future?

I wanted to talk to you a moment about some stuff that’s been going on this last year. I’ve been working with my dad and helping him with a lot of renovations of different types. This has required a lot of demolition and rebuilding and everything. And during this time, we found some stuff that is pretty cool. We found some old branding goodness, if you will. Such as, an old inkwell lid from an old schoolhouse where they used to dip fountain pens and stuff into to get the ink. We’ve also found an old Coke bottle, you know? Nothing to extraordinary with this I mean, everybody sees these all the time. And we also found an old aluminum Pepsi can, you know? That says, “Pepsi Cola” and “Pepsi” and everything.

But it’s gotten me thinking about just, the longevity of brands, in general. I mean, how cool is it to find these old relics of branding history? Everybody knows Coca-Cola and everybody knows Pepsi. And finding stuff that relates to them you know, some people find it really interesting. Some people just look at it as just some garbage and stuff like that. But the one that really struck … Stuck out to me is this lid for this Power’s Ink. And it’s pretty cool. It’s hard to make out a little bit but the lid says, how it was established in 1889. And the interesting thing is, when I found this, I wanted to see if I could find any history about this brand. And unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find anything.

That’s what really got me thinking about the brands that we work on. We work every day to try and make these brands better. We work every day to try and make it to where our brands make an impact on the world. But what’s the impact going to be after were gone? The people who are working on your brand every single day, they’re putting their heart and soul into this product, into the company, into everything that your brand offers. But what’s the legacy of that brand gonna be? For this, it’s just a lid. That’s the only tie I have to this brand.

I’m sure I could find some through a lot of internet sleuthing and different research and stuff, I could probably track down this company. I would imagine by this time, it’s probably been acquired by another company, it may have shut down. Maybe it shut down and restarted, but years later. Maybe it rebranded to a completely different name. The question is, am I going to be able to find its brand’s story? I don’t know. But, hopefully with our brands, as we’re going around and we’re trying to make it better. We’re thinking about the brand story and how we’re going to be able to connect our brand today, to the future. That way if somebody comes across a relic of who we are or what our brand did, they’ll know more about us. We … Rather than just being an obscure lid, instead we’ll be a can. We’ll be a can that somebody recognizes and says immediately, “Oh! I know what that is. I know what they stood for. I know what they brought to the world.”

All of our brands are like this. Our brands are part of who we are and hopefully, we’re doing all we can, every week, to make our brand better so that way it’s there in the future. We’ll see you next week.

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