Touchpoint Headache

by | Oct 30, 2018


The topic of touchpointsisn’t anything new here at BrandingPower. We have discussed and shared touchpoint ideas before. Knowing and understanding the touchpoints that will best resonate with your customers is important. Knowing the touchpoints that best impact your brand’s connection with customers helps your brand stay relevant with customers and helps your brand stay fresh in an ever-increasing world of stagnant brands. With so many touchpoints available, a huge potential problem is not being able to maintain the touchpoints with which you are currently engaging. The problem comes to a head when you need to add another touchpoint.

Your Life is Already Hectic

Often times, the remedy most people use to manage their hectic world is lists. Work lists can serve you well, if you know how to use them. The only problem with lists is that you need to figure out how to best implement the list method or organizational methods for your brand. Often lists become a reminder of all the things we need to be doing. When we look at our lists we see that we are busy—verybusy. When it comes to adding a touchpoint, we look at our list and say, “well, I’m too busy” or “there’s not enough time in the day.”

In a world of hectic list-centered chaotic messes, our lists simply serve to remind us of what we already know—that we are already too busy. We build lists to simply remind us of what we need to do next. They often cause us to be reactionary rather than proactive. This happens because we are simply trying to cross an item off in an attempt (often failed) to lessen our load before we add more back on.

Focus on One Touchpoint at A Time

When we build lists we tend to not have the time to really delve into solving an issue that a specific touchpoint might address. However, what we can do is focus on one touchpoint and work on it to get it working smoothly so that we fully implement it without causing too much disruption in other areas.

This disruption causes any new or established program to not run properly. This then causes the new touchpoint to never be fully implemented.

Let’s take, for example, an all-too-common scenario: Someone tells you that need to be on the new social media site called (Don’t worry; it’s not real. This is a hypothetical scenario.) You decide that you’re going to drop everything to focus on this new, shiny object. As a result, the Facebook page you recently setup (which has 5,000 followers) or the Instagram account (with 123,000 followers) falls by the wayside.

If your list is long and in-depth, separate the reactionary items from the day-to-day. Proceed with the day-to-day activities, but then focus on one issue or touchpoint that will benefit your brand the most. Look to see what is necessary for you to become proficient with that touchpoint. Discover one area and make that your primary focus right now. This one item needs your attention without you being distracted.

Look for Groupings and Help

As you look to prioritize your list and focus on that one area, look to see if it is something that can be done in conjunction with something else. With social media, for example, you may discover that you’re going to need to post to multiple social media channels and manage those accounts. A service such as Hootsuite (this is not a promotion for Hootsuite), for example, allows you to manage multiple social channels from one place.

If you can find a way to group touchpoint management, you’ll be able to get up and running faster. This will also allow you to focus on how to incorporate it into your brand. As you research a new possible touchpoint, keep in mind the touchpoints you currently employ and how your new touchpoint might piggyback off of the previously established touchpoint.

If you find that working on new touchpoints is too time consuming, consider hiring someone. If you are a sole entrepreneur, this can be a challenging option. This means you need to support this person with regards to all applicable employee requirements. Will the person be part-time or full? Does it need to be something that is done in-house or can it be done remotely. If the position can be done remotely could a virtual assistant be beneficial?

Whichever avenue you go down, you need to simply allow yourself to focus on the one item that will help your brand the most.

Ideas To Make Your Brand Better Now:

  • Examine your to-do list and determine if you have a reactionary list or day-to-day list
  • Split your list into your day-to-day and the new possible items and focus on one item that your brand needs most at this time
  • Determine if your one item can be grouped with other item(s)
  • Determine if you can bring in outside resources

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