The Soda & Brand Connection: Improving your Brand with Connections

by | Sep 10, 2018

The Soda & Brand Connection: Improving your Brand with Connections

What is the connection with your brand? How do you connect with your brand, and how do your customers connect with your brand? Focusing on the ways you can improve your connections with everyone who interacts with your brand, allows your brand to stand out. It causes it to mean more to those who use your brands products and services. Once you increase the connections for your brand you’ll find you’re making your brand better.

So I wanted to share a story with you real quick, and the story all revolves around soda. Earlier this week my parents came back from a little vacation that they went on with my grandparents. When they came back, they came back and it happened to be on Labor Day; kids were out of school. And my kids wanted to go have lunch with their grandparents because they wanted to catch them up on everything that had happened while they were gone.
When we went to this restaurant, it was just a small restaurant, my children ordered a soda. The waiter brought out a glass with some small cans of the soda. My son ordered a root beer, just an A&W root beer. This is what got me thinking about what I wanted to talk to you about.
While we were eating my son picked up the root beer, and he looked at it and said, “This is my brand.” And that got me thinking … well, one, it made me realize he’s paying more attention to me than I thought. But the second thing was trying to figure out why he connected with the brand. So I asked him, “Well what makes it your brand?” And he said, “It has my initials.” A and W, with his name being Aiden Wyatt.
And that got me thinking about brand connections, and what we do as branders to connect with brands, and help people connect with our brand. We all make connections with the brands. They often start with one experience. Whether we enjoy the way the product is made; or we value their involvement with a community or their social outreach, or perhaps we find it funny and humorous, and we like to laugh and it makes us feel good.
Whichever reason, it’s a starting point. After that starting point, we make these micro-connections. These connections start forming in our brain, and this starts making it to where we think about the brand more, and we feel it’s a part of who we are. For my son, making that connection with his name, that’s a starting point. I’ve never heard him talk about one specific root beer or soda before, and how it interacts with him.
This is the first time, however, with him turning 12, that I’ve ever heard him, or either my son or my daughter, making that kind of connection. We all, like I said, have those connections. What is our connection with a brand? What’s your connection with your brand? This is something that we often overlook is, we need to have a connection with our own brand and make sure that it’s a part of who we are. If we take a part of who we are and put it into our brand, it will help us make connections with other people.
It makes our brand personal, and personable, to where people can approach us and they feel that it’s part of them. We all have friends, we all have colleagues and people we interact with … friends, family, everybody. They’re not our friends or talk to us based of off just one experience. Over time, we get to know people and we get to embrace them and pull them in to be part of our lives … whether it’s just in a work setting or in a personal relationship that we might have with somebody. But what happens is, those connections start happening with our relationships, just like they do with a brand.
This week I challenge you to go and think about two things. One is brand … just pick one brand that you like, and think about why you like that brand. Think back to your first experience, perhaps, with that brand. Try to determine what it was that drew you in to really like that brand, and what kind of experiences you had that helped you form those connections.
The second is to think about your brand, and how other people view your brand, and what opportunities and connections they make. Are you engaged in the same areas that they are? Do you share the same kind of humor that they enjoy? Do you have the social outreach that other people want? Find out whether or not your connections coincide with their expectations to help them make a connection with your brand. As you do this, you’ll make your brand better.

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