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by | Sep 10, 2018


In today’s connected world there is no denying that social media is prevalent. You are more than likely aware of the various social-media platforms offered by companies such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Besides these heavy-hitters, though, there are many smaller players—as of this writing there are more than 170 social-media platforms worldwide. Each platform focuses on their own unique niche, with some focusing on having a broad user base (i.e. Facebook) and others focusing on smaller user bases or by narrower services or niches. The number of social-media platforms fluctuates almost daily, with platforms closing down, being acquired and combined, and new ones becoming available.

Social platforms are a double-edged sword when it comes to how your brand can use the platform. Let’s take a look at the good side first.

Pros of Social Engagement

Number of Users

Let’s get this out of the way right away—the biggest pro for social media sites is the number of users. According to We Are Social’s Global Digital Report 2018there are 4.02 billion Internet users with social media platforms having 3.196 billion users. In addition, the average Internet user spends approximately 6 hours per day using internet-powered services and devices. The users on these sites are attractive to any brand.

Increasing Numbers

Every day the number of new users to social media platforms is growing. It is reported that on a daily basis almost 1 million new users join social media sites, at a rate of approximately 11 new users every second. This means that, on average, in the amount of time it took you to read to this point approximately 1,450 new people have joined social media. That’s a lot of potential customers to possibly interact with!

Increased Traffic and Sales

By engaging your customers with your brand outside of your site, you increase your chances of driving them to your site. This increases site traffic and the potential for sales.

No or Reduced Server Costs

When it comes to online presence, your brand will incur costs associated with maintaining that presence. Servers to run your websites can run your brand or business hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. These rates can increase the more your site offers.

Lower-Cost Marketing Efforts

With most social platforms, the price to join and setup your initial presence is cost effective with it being free. You then have a platform to get your hourly, daily, or weekly message out. Your social engagement can also increase your conversion rates and market understandings.

Cons of Social Engagement

For all the benefits of social media there are negatives aspects that can affect your brand. These negatives should be considered when determining your brands social media engagements.

Additional Resources Required

Engaging your social-media channel(s) will increase your time requirements and could possibly strain already exhausted staff. With the addition of your social-media plan you need to realize that you cannot simply consider it an add-on activity. Social media is an immediate, minute by minute activity, which requires (at absolutely bare-minimum) a daily response. Social media requires planning and time commitment; the more platforms you utilize will only increase the amount of work needed.

Risk of Losing Control

When it comes to your brand’s website, you control all of the content about your brand and what is posted on your site. With social media, your brand can be plagued by conversations that you don’t want to take place. Customers and others can come to the site and harass your staff or other customers.

Open to Retaliatory Efforts

In line with losing control, your brand is susceptible to targeted groups who perhaps are upset with your brand for a variety of reasons. Coordinated efforts have forced many brands off of social media, losing the chance to engage with customers.

Lose Your Brand

When you use another brand’s service (Facebook and Twitter are brands, after all) to promote and manage your brand, your brand can become lost in the social media’s more dominate branding. Look to companies that promote their Facebook page—every time the Facebook URL is listed, that brand has given Facebook free advertisement space on their material.

Security Issues

Social media accounts have demonstrated that they are vulnerable to attacks and security breaches. In 2017 various HBO accounts were hackedand taken over by individuals who posted posing as HBO.

ROI Hard to Measure

When social-media accounts are set up and brands run marketing activities through social platforms, it is often hard for them to track their ROI. Having a person who knows how to establish a social media presence does not guarantee they know how to determine the ROI of social media activities.

Discovering how your brand can benefit and potentially be hurt by having a social media presence can help your brand create a social media plan. What does your brand do to ensure your social media presence is beneficial to your brand? Share with us in the comments below the benefits your brand has seen.

Ideas To Make Your Brand Better Now:

  • Look into various social media platforms and determine the platforms that are a good fit for your brand.
  • Create an action plan to create your social media account for at least one platform.
  • Set up a brand new social media account for your brand.

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