Is Today Your Enough Day

by | Dec 11, 2018

Is Today Your Enough Day

“When is today going to be your enough day?”

When are you gonna sit there and be aware of the fact that things aren’t changing, and you need to make some kind of significant change in order to get the result that you’re hoping for, the result that you’re working for, and dreaming about?

So this week I wanted to talk a little bit about something different than what we talked about in the past. So this last week, some stuff has come up with my son at school, and it’s required him to need to go and talk to the principal. Nothing for what he did wrong, but just preemptively.

Talking with him and finding out about some things that are going on in school for him. I gave him the advice that he needs to go in and talk to the principal. And his response to me was, well, if this continues happening … he’s kinda getting picked on by some kids at school. One kid in particular. Nothing drastic or anything but still something that needs to be addressed.

And in talking to him, he said, “Well if it gets bad enough, I’ll just fight him back and stuff.” And I told him that that’s not what he needs to do. And if he does that, there can be some ramifications that he probably wasn’t aware of. So in talking with him, I told him what he needs to do is go in and talk with his principal, make sure that the principal is aware of what’s going on, and ask the principal for some help.

And it got me thinking about this quote, or this saying that I heard just recently, “When is today going to be your enough day?” And what that means is when are you gonna be tired of what you’re doing now? When are you gonna sit there and be aware of the fact that things aren’t changing, and you need to make some kind of significant change in order to get the result that you’re hoping for, the result that you’re working for, and dreaming about?

In my son’s case, I was trying to get him to realize that that day was today. That he needed to go in today and talk with his principal. So when he gets home later today, I’ll talk with him about how that went, and I’m positive that it will turn out in a way that he feels works in his best interest. And hopefully, through the principal and everything, everything will get resolved in a way that benefits everybody.

When it comes to your brand, your business, your work life, what is your Enough Day gonna be? What needs to happen so that you look at it and you say, “You know what, today’s the day I’m gonna make an impact on my brand. Today’s gonna the day that I stop doing the same thing that I’ve been doing, expecting the same results, and I’m gonna try something different. I’m gonna go out. I’m going to do that new crazy idea that I had that figured out.”

When are you gonna allow your self doubt to stop. Preventing you from making the step necessary. All great things that have happened in history have happened because somebody had said no to their fear, and no to their doubt. And they’ve embraced what needed to happen. And they’ve sat there and they’ve said, “Enough. I’m going to the moon. Enough. I’m going to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.” All these things happened because somebody says, “Enough. I need to move forward. I need to be the one who does this.”

When it comes to your brand, you’re the one that needs to do that. You’re the one who has the power and the capability to make sure that your brand moves forward in the way that you want. And how wonderful is it gonna feel when you’re able to sit there, and you’re gonna say at the end of the day, “Yes. Today was the day that I said enough. And I said yes to what’s possible.”

Branding is so much fun. It can bring out great, wonderful things. But at the same time, it can be intimidating. It can be full of fear and the unknown. But don’t be scared of the unknown. Sit there. Make a plan. Determine that today, at this moment, even, is gonna be the time. Don’t put it off til tomorrow. If you put it off ’til tomorrow, you might as well just put it off another day. If you put it off another day, it’ll be another month, year, five years. Before you know it, you’ll run out of time to be able to make that change, to make that improvement that you were hoping for.

It’s better to have sat there and tried than to sit there and wonder what if I had done those things.

This week, I encourage you to seriously think about what that change is gonna be. This time of year, it’s December, it’s getting towards the end of the year. We always look forward to making New Years Resolutions. Don’t make the New Year’s Resolution. Make the New Day Resolution. Decide today to make a change that’s gonna impact your tomorrow. And what you’ll find is your brand is gonna start to grow, and start to thrive, and it’s gonna be what you want it to be. What you wanted it to start with. And you’ll be able to get the results that you’re hoping for. And you’ll be a change in other people’s lives as well. I hope this week goes good for you. Let’s go make your brand better.

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  1. Mary Blair

    Hi Eric,

    Nice worked, I’m impressed. You are a marketing rockstar.


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