Discovering My True Geak

by | Nov 13, 2018

Discovering My True Geak

After a busy week, I needed to share with you about my Inner Geak, and how being a Geak helped me discover my Why. Your why is important in setting up your brand and finding balance in your life.

You may have noticed this last week there was no newsletter. First, I need to apologize. This last couple of weeks has been unbearably busy. I know that we are all busy and this is not meant as an excuse. It’s simply an explanation. During this week however, I have had a significant series of items take place.

First is that my family, as many of you are aware, was able to come together. It has been far too long since we have had this opportunity. This get-together has allowed me the chance to catch up with one brother and his family, especially. I finally got to meet and spend time with a nephew who was born over a year ago. Then, immediately following this get-together, I boarded a plane and headed here to Florida for a work conference. This brings me to the next item that has taken place.

This trip has allowed me to gain some much-needed clarity. This clarity comes in the terms of why I am doing all of this—why I launched and why I am doing BrandingPower. To understand my “why” I need to tell you who I am.

I am a Geak, not a G•E•E•K but rather a G•E•A•K, and being this geak is my “why.” Let me explain my GEAK to you.

A few years ago I was internally broken. For me I realized that this meant that I was spiritually broken. I realized that I needed to replenish my spiritual core. I returned to and renewed my faith and quickly I rediscovered the part that was missing, the part that I hungered for.

Shortly after returning to my faith, a part of my world, and according to many what should be considered as my “whole world,” came crashing down. My spouse at the time informed me that she no longer wanted to be married. I was never given a reason why getting divorced was the only viable option. But I believe it was due, in large part, to the fact that over the years I continually put the needs of the companies I worked for in front of the needs of my family. After a long time of fighting to save my marriage I realized there was no saving the un-savable. This brought me to a point in my life I never imagined I would be in—I was a single father of two trying to figure out what to do next.

As I moved forward, I had to continue to persevere. I had two small children under the age of 8 to take care of. They became a main focus for me. I felt that I was able to continue and things were going to be ok as long as I kept my eyes on what was important.

Then life decided to throw another curve ball. The company I was working for was relocating their resources. I had two options—move my kids over 1000 miles away from the life they had known to keep my job, or I could be let go. After talking with the CEO it was determined that a new direction was needed in my life. And with that, I was now an unemployed, single father of two.

During this time, I took on many clients that were needing me to help them with their branding. I rediscovered what I enjoyed doing—helping others with their brands; working with them and helping them nurture their brands.

A couple of years ago I met and fell in love with a woman who is now my wife. She brought the final balance I needed in my life. She is a geek herself, and was the final piece that was missing from me embracing my inner G•E•A•K.

My G•E•A•K applies to the important parts of my “why.” The G is for God, the returning of my faith that helped me have an inner purpose. The E is for Elizabeth, who has shown me that I can have a support structure that I hadn’t realized I was missing, and for whom I wanted to provide. A is for Ayden, my son, my oldest son who along with my K, Kenna, are the two people I want to help provide a better world for.

This word—GEAK—defines my “why,” in the order of importance to me. God first, my wife second, and my children third. I’m not trying to be cute or clever; I’m not trying to proselytize or show off. This is simply a way for me to easily describe their importance in my life and in all I do.

Your brand is ultimately defined by what is important in your life—by YOUR why and how. Once you discover these two factors, your decisions become easier, your brand gains clarity, and your company gains focus. In short, you can nail it when it comes to creating a rock-solid brand—one that reflects you and resonates with your customers.

Since these things have come into focus for me, And I want to share them with you. Over the last several months I have shared quite a few foundational concepts with you. Concepts that are true and time-tested, but now it’s time to look more fully at your why and how. I hope you’ll join me as we take this journey of discovery together.

Let’s make your brand better, the best is yet to be.


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