When customers interact with your brand they tend to have an expectation as to what they will get. When your brand offers something to its customers you need to make sure that your systems are in place to handle what you're offering.
Deliverables Transcript

This week I kind of wanted to talk to you about deliverability and it related to something that happened to me this last week.

I went out and I was doing some stuff online and I came across this course that somebody was offering. I was interested in what they might be offering and what they might have to say and it was a very simple thing, you just entered your email and the same way that subscribers here on the newsletter have done that.

To get instant access is what the promise was for this site. You entered your email and all it was, was you simply entered your email and pushed submit. Then, immediately, a popup window came up and said, “Thanks, great. We just sent you a password to watch this video that we offered you.” So knowing that I was going to be starting to get some information from these people, I quickly jumped over to my email address and there was nothing.

I’m thinking maybe it went into my spam folder, which happens a lot. Go and check my spam folder, nothing there. So I’m figuring maybe there something going on with my domain, my email server, so I go back and I sign up for a secondary email that I use and sure enough the same thing happened.

Both times, put the email address in, pushed submit and the same window pops up and says, “Thank you, we’ve just sent you an email with your password.” That’s it, nothing else was able to happen.

Closed the window and can’t even get back to that window where it says to enter the password. So I’m assuming that the email would have a link to the login page, I’m assuming, and nothing. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, there’s no contact info on how to get ahold of this individual who is providing this content, this material that I was hoping to be able to look at.

I was able to track down the person through social media and I reached out via social media to this person and it took about a day and a half. Which was odd because this person is posting very frequently on social media. I just equated it to them being busy, maybe the holiday season, maybe they’re traveling and not really checking business items and stuff.

Late at night, I get a response and come to find out the person is in same time zone as I am and stuff, so it’s not like they’re on the other side of the world and they just hadn’t had a chance to find it or to see the message.

The response I got was, “Oh, sorry, something must be down. Let me check on it.” So everything was fine. They come back and said, “Sorry, still waiting on it. Their email marketing program was down and that it should be back in up in a day.” Which I found kind of odd because I know the email service that they’re using and it’s one of the big ones. It’s one of those that doesn’t just go down. If they go down, marketers and branders all over the world are going to be down because they can’t send out their marketing messages and everything.

Get a new message a couple hours later saying, “Hey everything should be up and working, sorry about that. Go back and reenter the information and you’ll be good.” So I said, “Okay.” I go back and I reenter the information. Same thing happens and I go to the site, enter my email and push submit. This time, a popup comes up and says that there’s an error and that it’s not working.

I figure maybe it’s because there is some kind of conflict because I used the same email address so I tried the other email address that I use, that didn’t work. Then, I use a third email address that I access to. That still didn’t work, it still came up with the same error message.

Then, I’m thinking, okay, maybe it’s the web browser. So I switched over and tried a different web browser and sure enough, I got the same error message.

It just really got me thinking, this process that I had to go through became overly complex and it’s still not resolved. This is all for stuff that I’m supposed to get for free. It just really got me thinking. It’s like, who else is having these problems out there?

We need to make sure as branders that we check our systems frequently. You never know what kind of business your missing out on. I’m sure this person that I was signing up for was going to be, even though the content was free because I can see other stuff that they offer, that they’ll try and sell me on stuff later, which is fine. The content material that they seem to provide seems to be in line with some of the stuff that I look at doing, but unfortunately, now, because of that, … This person has onsite courses where you fly out to be part of an event … Just really you can tell that person puts a lot of effort and time into what they offer, but unfortunately, they’re not checking all their processes.

It just got me thinking as I was doing this, how long should I be doing this for? How long should I continually try to provide this person my information?

Again, as branders, we need to make sure that our processes are in place but also that our processes are working. Unfortunately, it’s a downside to being a smaller company, smaller organization, you don’t have personal developers who develop your own email marketing campaign software. You have to use third-party solutions. If something is not triggering properly, it can create all sorts of errors.

It got me thinking back to a company I worked with who had a shopping cart from one company. They had their storefront on their own website but then, their fulfillment was done and handled through another third party. They found out, one time, that about every three to four orders weren’t going through, they just weren’t receiving them. So they started getting a lot of upset customers and stuff because they felt that they were being ignored or something shady was going on.

Your processes matter and we really need to make sure that we are focused, all the time, to try and make sure that everything is working smoothly. One way to do that is to go through the system yourself, put in your email address.

As this person probably should do, put in their own email address and see how everything works out. You can’t just assume that everything is going to come up and work the way you want it to. More importantly you can’t assume that it’s just going to work … if it works today that it’s going to work three days for now or three months from now.

I tried to let the person know by even asking him, saying, “Hey, is your site defunct? Is it not working anymore?” Because that also tends to be happening a lot. I’m finding a lot lately is people put up things and then, it’s still there two years later but you can tell that they haven’t done anything with the site. Whether it’s the copyright at the bottom of the page that says 2014 and now we’re in 2019. It just automatically tells somebody who comes to the site, as far as they know you haven’t done anything with anything on your site or anything for five years and I don’t think that’s the message any of us want to give.

So I urge you this week, think about your processes. Hopefully you have them written down and you know all the steps and all the parts that are necessary for your brand to be functioning properly.

Go through those processes but go through them in the eyes of the consumer, the way your consumer is going to digest this information and find out if it’s working the way that you would want it to if you were a consumer of your own brand. If there’re any changes and stuff, develop a plan and get in and get it in motion. Get it functioning the way that you want it to, the way your customers expect it to. That way you have happier customers and you have better results in what you’re trying to do, what you’re trying to offer.

Think about your customers and every step of their interaction with your brand, you’ll make your brand better. I promise.

We’ll see you next week. Let’s make your brand better.

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