Commonly Overlooked Naming Problem

by | Oct 1, 2018

Commonly Overlooked Naming Problem

Entrepreneurs often tend to take the easy way out when it comes to naming their brand, product, or business. This creates problems that are often not present at the beginning, but overtime they begin to show.

Are you hurting the chances of customers finding your brand because you took the easy route?

Just the other day, I was watching a video online, and it was a testimonial where a lady was talking about her product, and how great it was, and it really, really did sound truly amazing. And she had proof, and evidence of how much of an impact her product had on other people. It was stuff that was able to help people honestly in their lives, trying to make their lives better.

As great as her product was, there was something about it that caught me off guard, and as she was talking about it, I realized that this is something that a lot of entrepreneurs don’t think about, or even some larger companies. I’ve talked about this a lot over on, and it’s nothing that I haven’t touched on before, but it just reemphasizes to me how important this is for people to know about it. And what it was is she was talking about her product, and then the person who is hosting asked her how people could find her. And rather than sitting there and giving them very easy explanation of how to find her product, she gave her name, and her web address, and then proceeded to say, “Oh, but if you can’t spell that, you can just Google my name.”

The problem with that is she doesn’t have a site, or even a way for people to remember and easily find her. It’s great to have products named after ourselves, named after our names. There’s a sense of ownership that comes with that, and if you’re somebody who is able to build up a huge following, having your product named after you builds immense credibility and trust with your product. Where this lady failed, though, is that she even acknowledged that she had a name that people misspell, and as a result, they can’t find her. If they can’t find her, they can’t use her product, and her brand, and her product can’t grow. And it can’t go out and help people as much as what she’s hoping it can.

So when you go out and you set up your brand, and you’re setting up your name, have you sat there and have you thought about what is best for your user? The people who are going to be looking, searching out, and trying to find your brand. Are you thinking about what’s best for them? What is the way that they’re going to be able to find you? Is it something memorable? If it’s difficult, people will lose interest, and they won’t be able to remember how to find you, or even where to turn if they make a mistake all because you decided to take the easy route and name it after yourself, or you didn’t put the thought and the time into naming your product. Naming takes effort, and with that, takes an amount of time that has to go into it so that way it can be better.

Have you had any kind of problems with naming a product, or naming your brand? I’m sure if you have, you’ve gone through the steps of trying to figure out what the right name is. You don’t need to focus months, and months, and months of time. One thing that you can do quickly is come up with a name, go out and talk to three or four people and ask them, and just tell them what the name is, and at the end of the conversation, just say, “What do you think about the name?” If they can’t remember what the name is, you might have a problem. You might have a problem where they weren’t realizing that that’s what your product was named, or realizing that that’s what your problem was named, or they don’t remember it and it’s not memorable enough.

If you name it after yourself, don’t ask somebody who knows how to spell your last name. Don’t ask somebody who knows how to spell your first name. Make sure you engage with somebody, and do a little bit of free research to find out whether or not your name, or the name that you have picked out, would work best for your brand. By doing this, you’ll make your brand better.

In this week, I hope that you’re able to focus on trying to make your brand name a little bit better. Let me know in the comments below on how you’re going about finding the perfect name, and we’ll see you next week.

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