Believing In Your Brand

by | Oct 15, 2018

Believing In Your Brand

As we move our brands forward we often wonder If people will receive our brand the way we want them to.
We work through all of the components of branding, processes, promises, brandmarks, trademarks, colors, fonts and more. These are very important and crucial aspects of any brand, let alone your brand.
One area that is often not talked about is belief.
Believe in your brand.

Every day, we work hard to make our brands better. This isn’t something that we can do just one day a week, two days a week. It’s something that takes place every single day. We wonder as we do this if people are going to receive our brand the way that we’re hoping they’re going to receive it. Are they going to understand the importance, the value, the positioning statements that we put out there? Are they going to believe it because we’re telling them the truth? Branding’s a hard things. There’s so many moving parts and components to making up a brand that sometimes we get lost and we can have a hard time understanding what needs to take place, but there’s one area that we can’t afford to lose track of what we’re doing, and I’m not talking about processes or promises or brand marks, trademarks, fonts, colors, marketing or sales.

The area that’s important to your brand is something that only you can give it, and that is belief. Do you believe in your brand? If you don’t, your brand’s going to falter, it’s going to fail. If you go back to read Peter Pan, there’s part in there where Tinkerbell is told that somebody doesn’t believe in her, and because of that, she starts to die because if people don’t believe in a fairy, the fairy dies. It’s a common thing that’s been told in many iterations of Peter Pan throughout the years. The odd thing is that can apply to your brand, but the person that it most needs to have believe in it is you. Who else is going to be a brand ambassador, brand champion, brand advocate to your brand other than you? It doesn’t matter whether it’s your brand or a brand that you’re working on for somebody else. The belief has to be there. The brand can’t grow unless somebody is there to believe in it. If you don’t believe in it, the people you’re trying to sell to will pick up on that even if they never meet you. They’ll be able to tell by the work that you put in. The effort that your brand is trying to put forth will be reflective of the belief that you have in your own brand.

Are we loyal to your brand? Are you loyal to your brand the same way that you might be to somebody else’s? Do you run out every time that there’s a new update to your phone or a new pair of shoes comes out? Are you loyal the way that you might be on Black Friday going and looking for deals and everything? Do we understand, and do you understand the value that your brand offers? Your brand offers just as much value as any other company out there. The important thing is that it’s offering a part of who you are, and because of that, you need to understand that your brand is of significant worth. When we understand our brand’s importance, others will understand it as well. Let me know in the comments below how you this week are going to try to understand more of the importance of your brand, and by doing that, I guarantee you’ll make your brand better.

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