5 Quick Tips to Help Your Brand Stand Out

by | Oct 1, 2018


The world today is crowded and hectic. In 2015 it was estimated that the average American is exposed to somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 ads every day. That is a lot of information being shown to the same people that you’re competing for. When one hears that number, it is easy to think that brand-naysayers are correct in that there is no way to compete. The truth, though, is in discovering the power in your brand and using it to get noticed better by your customers.

To stand out and get noticed means that you need to do more than the “other guys.” By simply doing the same thing, you are just showing that you’re part of the crowd. To help you stand out and get noticed I’ve complied five quick tips to help your brand stand out. These aren’t areas such as finding the right coloror naming your brand. Instead these are five things that distract many brands from standing out from each other.

1. You’re Not Apple, Starbucks, or Amazon

Everyone likes to look to the big brands and try to emulate them. There’s a big problem with this—if you’re trying to stand out from the crowd and everyone is trying to emulate the same brands that you are, you’ll just blend in more. Keep in mind that the big brands stand out because they, themselves, are not trying to emulate another brand. Apple does not try to be Amazon and Amazon doesn’t try to be Starbucks. Some people might say that these brands have similar traits, but the fact that both Amazon and Starbucks sell coffee, or Amazon and Apple both sell tablets, does not mean that they are the same as each other.

2. Reach Out to the Haters

Many brands are easily distracted by negative reviews. When it comes to small businesses, many entrepreneurs fall apart completely when one customer has a negative response. This negative response often causes a knee-jerk reaction. They either think they need to change their entire offering and revamp their entire brand, or they follow a misguided approach of ignoring the haters. Your brand is going to have fans and haters; it’s inevitable. The secret is to leverage the haters’ comments and feedback and use it to as a way of bringing you closer to those that love your brand. Using the negative feedback can help you clarify your expectations and brand goals or position.

3. Discover Your “True Thing”

When you’re going about setting yourself apart from everyone else, don’t make your main brand differentiator the same as everyone else; that defeats the term ‘differentiator.’ Many times brands try to use their customer service as their key differentiator, when your brand is already expected to provide a great customer experience. Nobody wants a bad customer experience, as a result everyone who is looking to do business with you already expects that you’re going to provide good service. Take a moment and decide on your main differentiator and determine how to promote that, while keeping up with great customer care.

4. Reinforce Your Goals

As you were setting up your brand, you should have set goals. These are the things that you want to happen for your brand. Don’t confuse them with hopes and dreams for your brand, however. (Everyone has hopes and dreams for their brand.) Again, remember that you need to set yourself apart from the crowd. Truthfully having a goal of “a hundred customers” isn’t a goal, it’s a dream; something you hope to have happen. (And who doesn’t want X number of customers?) You need to clarify expectations, turn these dreams into goals by focusing on what it means to truly reach these milestones. Turn the dream of “a hundred customers” into a goal of “a hundred customers who actively recommend our product.”

5. Focus on Your Story

Is there a better way of standing out than telling your own story? Your brand’s story is unique; it separates you from your competition in an honest, genuine, authentic way. Harnessing your brand’s story is one of the main things most brands forget to promote or use to their advantage. While the story associated with your brand is always expanding, the amazing thing is that it never ends. The direction of the story might change, but it only continues to grow. Your brand has a story behind it; what is it?

Setting out to stand out from the crowd can and will seem tough. Just like high school, the idea of being different is scary; we feel safe when we blend in. However, you’re not in high school anymore, you’re in business. Blending in means you are becoming stagnate, and a stagnate brand is a dying brand.

  Ideas To Make Your Brand Better Now:

  • Create a list of the five most common elements your brand and your competitors have in common.
  • Create a list of the top three things that set your brand apart.
  • Create an action plan to start to shift your brand away from the crowd.

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